Hit the Switch, Let's Get This Party Started!


That’s what it’s felt like for a long time…us fumbling around in the dark as we searched for the switch, hit the lights and launched this gig. Now here we are, a husband and wife team, starting a new custom gifting experience.

We arrived at this place because we both really enjoy having a creative element in our lives, and it's time for a change (Can anyone else relate to that?!)!  Over the years we’ve visited many small artsy towns and attended plenty of big art shows, a favorite being the American Craft Council,  where we've met folks who are wicked talented. We’ve got a long history of hunting down cool artistic pieces. We love the artists’ work and we recognize we have no gift for throwing pottery or forging metal ourselves.  What we are betting on is our passion for the launch and build and creating beauty from a pile of lumber. As you might guess, this combination has led to many dinner conversations, early morning coffee “what if” discussions, walks around the neighborhood, and drive time talks about what’s next?

Finally, we decided we’d talked enough (we aren’t getting any younger in this process!) and we took the crazy step to start. One can only research and talk for so long before the world – and life – pass you by. Time to put a stake in the ground and our passions to work and hit the “go” button.
We hope you’ll join us on this journey. You can check out more details on who we are in About Us.  Feel free to reach out, follow us on Instagram (@red.rugged) share feedback, and suggest artists we should be considering on the Artists page. This blog will focus on the business side of our efforts and the creative opportunities – and challenges - we face.

If you haven’t already, it’s time for your first look at these hand-crafted gift boxes and artisan pieces!

A scene below from one of our many days talking about launching a business...