A Ceramic Selection from Southwest Colorado

If you’re planning to attend a Lorna Meaden ceramics sale, prepare to stand in line. Locals tell me the line to her studio in Colorado starts bright and early with shoppers who know her shelves are stocked with beautiful yet unique ceramic pieces.

After the hectic pace of one holiday season, I was fortunate to meet Lorna at her studio, located in the town of Durango. As a visitor to the vast mountain ranges and open sky in southern Colorado, it does feel like the air you breathe there is filled with a rare inspirational, creative element. It was in this setting that Lorna was prepping for an upcoming show and was busy making a variety of pieces that needed to ship. With so many ceramics planned for the show, I was able to enjoy browsing her studio with shelves full of different sizes and shapes, everything from espresso cups and tumblers, to flasks, olive oil dispensers and giant watering cans….

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