Clink Outside the Box

Sugar and coffee, coasters and candles, or a cool serving tray for entertaining, these are a few of the ideas our gift box recipients have created to keep their favorite items organized, and their rugged spirit alive and well, after the gift box opening! Between sipping, clinking, and pouring, our artisan contents are meant to be put to work! I know it’s tempting to leave those gorgeous pieces in our sleek gift box and admire them, however, that’s not the beauty of Red & Rugged. We want the contents, and the box, to be enjoyed for years to come, that’s the real goal of our business. Those wood carved bottle openers will look good in action on your bar! And the textured flask? It’s amazing with your favorite brown liquid inside. What about those hand-crafted mugs? They’ll spark some fresh conversation around the coffee table. So, here's to an out-of-box experience in 2018! 

Show us how you put your gift box to work, tag us on Instagram @red.rugged.