Is the Extra Juice Worth the Squeeze?

When you’re a creative in a workshop, discovering new woods, finishes, tools and edging can make for a mighty fun sandbox to experiment. Our workshop has been bustling this year as we’ve made pieces for special events, increased our custom shipments, and created additional options for our Collection. When you’re a craftsman, it’s not only an evaluation of can we make a lovely gift box, but can we make it in a quality, timely and profitable way?

Changing out the type of wood, for example, can add significant time to the finishing and refinement of a gift box. Another variable is using rough cut lumber versus commercial lumber. It’s beautiful, however, the time from start to finished product has to be considered. We’ve realized, if we can’t be confident that we can repeat the quality, for a minimum order of 25+ boxes, in a reasonable amount of time (and the time part is key), then the answer is no. Beauty can’t outweigh economics.

Adding decorative corners made from other hardwoods is another place that can add unique detail, yet impact timelines. For now, the cost of that time commitment still outweighs the benefits of adding those specialty additions. And that’s okay.

Part of building a business around craftsmanship and creativity is knowing when to be done, at least for a time. An endless supply of choices often results in confusion as clients try to choose and become overwhelmed, and the attention of the team is spread across too many offerings. Part of creative talent is understanding customer needs upfront and adding value by narrowing the field. A curated line of beautiful options is a wonderful thing. Sometimes, the extra juice of “more” isn’t worth the squeeze.