Let the Textures Do the Talking

A ceramic piece doesn’t have to be flashy or fancy to capture your mood and end up as your go-to cup, forever claiming a spot on your kitchen counter. It can be the color or texture, the feel of it in your hands, that makes it the perfect choice. This is what makes artisan work so different, it’s like a living piece of your personality, right there in your cabinet, ready to serve.

Part of an artists’ gift, aside from throwing a ball of clay on a spinning wheel and turning it into something beautiful, is their ability to create unique textures and finishes throughout their career. Years of studying, practice and persistence often yield something truly special. The lines, drips, curves, flecks of color, each one adds to the finished work. Mix that with the different kiln firing techniques, and it can be hard to narrow the choices some days.

When you’re looking for defining pieces to gift or for yourself, keep an eye out for the extra details that give a piece it’s personality. The detail can be subtle or dramatic. The finish can be a single shade or blended across colors. You’ll know it when you hold it in your hands, and imagine it in its new home, as the next coffee mug to hold that trusted spot on your kitchen counter or whiskey cup perched on your bar.