Office Renovation: Lessons in the Purge & Pack

It’s late in the day and we’re staring at our huge filing cabinet and bookshelf (read: heavy), trying to figure out how to move them out of the office. Since this involves a flight of stairs, it’s not a trivial task. My husband is looking at me, but I can’t carry those huge things down steps! We’re now into week five of the renovation, which has gone slightly past the targeted one week I had planned.

I’ve discovered that renovation is like a giant puzzle. It’s tricky and everything has to keep moving in sync for all the pieces to fit into a pretty picture - on time. I love the managed chaos of coordinating pieces for gift boxes, but not so much for my own office revamp.

To be fair, my husband got all his assigned tasks done on time; ripping out carpet, replacing the flooring and painting the room. Check! The challenge was really mine in not having all the furniture ordered a month ahead of time. (Where we would have put all those huge boxes, I don’t know, but that’s not the point.) Maybe some of you can relate on the patience this requires? Searching, reading reviews, dimensions and specs, delivery date changes… Lots of painful administrative details.  

This process reminds me of that little traffic toy where you have to move the cars around to get your piece through the traffic jam. You need to be thinking three steps ahead on shredding, purging, packing. Yuk. Who likes to do this stuff?! We need to pitch stuff from the storage room, to then make room for containers to move from the office to storage. Hmm, that means buying storage containers, doesn’t it? Next, deciding what to discard, what to shred, and then what you don’t need immediate access to because it’s now out of the office. The list is long.

In the midst of all this, the business still runs. Products need to ship…by the way, has anyone seen the shipping tape, and where the heck did we move the bubble wrap? Oh vey. This is the not-so-glamorous stuff, between family vacations, new client appointments, and traveling to meet artists. In the end, I had to suck it up and do it. Period.

If you’re still wondering about the bookshelf and filing cabinet I mentioned, two nice gentlemen arrived with a piece of new furniture, and we gave them cash to move the old stuff for us. We saved our backs and they had weekend cash! Yay!

The office is now 95% done. (It WILL be done by August 31st!) We’re waiting on one last furniture piece to arrive (the original piece was delayed until Sept so I had to nix it and start looking again). It’s already so much more clean, crisp and bright in here, and I do believe one cannot call forth creativity and new ideas, if you’re surrounded by clutter. If that's the case for you, as you read this, I feel your pain, but stop procrastinating and let the purging and packing begin!  (If you're not sure, here's my earlier blog on how this got started.