Let's Get a Grip on This!

Customers ask us a lot about the different hardware options on our gift boxes, what to choose, what styles work best? First, there’s no “right” answer, go with what lights you up. If you’re not sure, then we can serve up a few things to consider here.

Selecting unique hardware for the gift boxes is the finishing touch, it helps set the overall vibe of the gift. It’s subtle, yet it adds style and is one more way to easily personalize the gift. And, it offers up more ways to use the box (see Clink Outside the Box for ideas) when the artisan pieces are removed and put to good use! 

Here are a few ways to think about it when you’re considering the hardware accessory:

For those who enjoy a bolder statement and a bigger impression, we use the rounded brushed nickel. With a bit more bulk to the handle, it makes a solid addition, especially on the black stain gift boxes.

If whimsical or more playful is the personality you want to give the box, we love the rounded twirl hardware. It adds a lighter, more carefree attitude to the gift.

When sleek, yet tasteful, is the name of the game, the pewter squares or long slender pewter hardware work well. The carved lines add interest to the piece, without being quite as bold as the rounded.

The long slender nickel, with etched lines is simple yet quite stylish. And, like its bolder rounded brushed nickel cousin, it looks great on the black stained boxes.

We offer all the options above on our gift boxes, and customers can indicate a different hardware piece than what they see on a box at Checkout (except the leather,  when available, is custom order). Simply indicate what you prefer in the “What Else Should We Know” area at Checkout. Otherwise, you can go with what we’ve selected for our hand-crafted beauties as shown in the photos.