How Memories of Main Street Create Meaningful Client Gifts

I used to love going down to the Rock Box when I was a kid. It was a tiny store on a small town main street selling rocks of all sizes, shapes and colors. The owners knew me well because of my frequent visits and let me wander free, picking up all the rocks to feel the quartz edges and touch the cold, smooth surface of the colored stones. That experience left a lasting impression on me, a reminder of the joy that comes from connecting with beautiful natural elements.

Today, we’ve expanded on the wares of the little rock shop by working with artisan elements of all shapes, sizes and colors. The feel of woven fabrics, the look of natural wood grain, and the touch of ceramic textures, are a few of the different ways we like to evoke a memorable gift experience. Often, it’s about adding depth and dimension to a gift, the result of a subtle touch or detail to magnify the focal pieces.

Adding dimension to a moving target takes a careful eye, a consistent evaluation of the landscape, and old-fashioned practice. If you understand the broader context, and the art of creating a custom gift box, you can scout the options and identify pieces that complete your preferred look.

Here are two things we strive for in our selection process:

Enhancing with color – how can we add color in ways that enhance the style yet don’t overpower a gift box? Consider pieces that are made from natural, woven or milled fabrics, and bring a unique sense of touch. Fabrics can be light and airy, bulky, silky or rough, depending on the look you’re aiming for. Special thread styles and even fringe can be part of the mix! These pieces can amplify a gift theme, yet minimize the space required inside a gift box. By rolling, folding or tucking them into artisan pieces, they add flexibility too.

Variety in textures - Adding elements such as, wood, metal, fabric, or a special glaze can create a more interesting visual effect. Many times, textures can be layered, such as floral elements resting on wood grain, or glaze drips on ceramics. Perhaps a wool fabric, which brings a much different feel than silky linens, is in order. Mother Nature is also your friend, offering pine cones, evergreens and the delicious smell of eucalyptus. An eye-catching combination of these can go a long way in creating a compelling style.

In the end, the goal is to understand a client’s needs and the experience they want to create. We hope our artisan gift boxes transport people to a wonderful place, maybe a feeling of adventure or celebration? Or maybe to a favorite old shop on main street.