When Small Details Make a Big Impression

Creating a special gift box doesn't have to be complicated, however, it does need to be thoughtful. It's all about attention to detail, and taking advantage of the opportunity to weave in a story. Are the gifts for those who love to cook? Is the event at a vineyard? Do they love a special activity or place (mountains, lake, beach, city)? Is it to promote a favorite beverage or new bar opening (spoiler alert: alcohol not included)? Are the gifts to celebrate a new home? 

The ceramic styles, colors, gift tag design, artisan additions and finishing touches can all paint a picture and set the right mood for a gift box. Simple things like using leather ties instead of ribbon, unique wrapping paper, or changing the hardware to whimsical vs. sturdy. These are the details that go a long way in creating a special moment for each gift box unveiling....  

Now Boarding...How Cutting Boards Serve Up a First-Class Gift

If you’re tired, dare I say “bored,” of traditional gifts, welcome an old friend with a new look to the neighborhood and make it a block party! A chopping block kind of occasion.

The standard cutting board has a fresh, new gifting style, thanks to the finishes, wood, and tools now available. Even color combinations can vary depending on the wood, adding a deep, rich appearance that highlights the artisan appeal. Red oak, mahogany, and maple are a few of the woods we use but take your pick. 

If you want to add a personal touch, pair your cutting board with a unique accessory that matches a specific style or passion. 

If cooking is a favorite pastime, a veggie chopper (or cheese cutter), matched with a cutting board is a thoughtful option for crunch time decisions

For folks who rock the look of ceramic shot glasses and limes, we pair our hand-crafted boards with an iron-forged slicing knife to keep it dicey! Given our #ruggedstyle we also like to use a strip of leather to tie pieces together.

Small is mighty, despite what some may say. Having a compact (5x7) board handy for quick jobs like slicing lemons, onions or cherry tomatoes is perfect. It’s still big enough to be useful, yet small enough to tuck away. Classic edging can make a big difference too, creating a sleeker look.

In terms of maintenance, a splash of Howard Cutting Board Oil will do the trick every three to four months to keep it looking spectacular. Beautiful and easy! (Any of the cutting boards shown above can be added to our gift boxes using the Custom page form.) 

The good news is that custom tools and wood options have elevated the old idea of a cutting board. There’s no need to be a chip off the old block anymore.