Gifts that Revel on the Fringe

There are some days when hanging out on the edge feels like a good place to be. This feels like one of those times.

As we enter a new season, we’ve shifted our gaze to the edge of the artisan market. Specifically, the edge of the hand-woven market, the fringe you might say. Several of our latest additions carry a little sassy extra to catch the eye.

First, these hand-woven coasters have arrived to liven up your beverage choices. Using colorful pattern inlays and hint of fringe, these coasters bring a splash of color and a stylish option to the traditional beverage experience. The good news is they’re durable too, so you can machine wash them. The white fringe around the trim creates an airy feel, and adds another element of interest. It’s the cherry on top…or maybe the bottom?

Next, if you’re looking to add a touch of class to your bar menu, these hand-woven bar towels, with an inset of silver sparkle, are meant to evoke a classic sense of celebration. (And yes, machine wash these beauties too!) Fresh off the loom, they include a light fringe with a silver shimmer. They’re luxurious yet ready for action, heirloom quality you can use every day.

In previous years, these elements may have been an after-thought to the party, not an intentional addition to a festive gathering. No more! On the fringe is a fun place to be.

Look for these hand-crafted fringe pieces throughout our Gift Box Collection.