Simple Ways to Enhance Your Gift Box Photos

Pop of Color

A touch of color in accent pieces can go a long way to highlight the elements of your gift box. These extra items don’t have to be expensive, but they do need to attract the eye. They can also add a festive element to the artisan pieces they complement. Red berries or colorful tea towels, are two examples. I don’t pass up a chance to pick up accent pieces when I spot options out on the road. Even if the items are out of season, pick up a few and keep them stashed for the future. It never fails that some gift boxes need a dash of bright to complete the look.  


Adding fullness, or dimension, can enhance the gift box items, especially if you have a few flat surfaces together. Pine cones or air plants for example, can attract the eye and make the flat surface more interesting in the photo. Even if the item is beautiful, if it’s a flat surface, you may lose the full effect without something to enhance its features.  

Zoom Zoom

We’ve had some fun, unique pieces in our gift boxes - like a pewter spinning top - that make for a cool close-up shot for social media or on the web. Photograph the unique pieces individually, outside the gift box, to add interesting diversity in your pictures.

Make sure the accent items you select match your company's personality – fun, elegant, festive, adventurous? If it’s really “you” then it will work.

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