Artisan Displays Along the Backroads & Byways

Traveling across the backroads and byways of the east, we navigated between a few fierce rainstorms to explore new open air markets and main streets. It was part of our quest to see what the summer season had on display. We found the local shops and maker booths brimming with fresh floral vases, colorful books, tools for outdoor adventures, blankets, and artisan sauces and scents reflecting unique cultures. In the midst of this digital world, it’s heartening to see people appreciate beautiful textures and the feel of hand-crafted pieces, whether it’s smooth glassware, a ceramic glaze or supple leather.

Words don’t seem to do full justice to the sights, smells and sounds of our open air strolls, so we’ve selected a few photos to help bring the sensations home for you. (Photos taken in Burlington, VT, Phoenicia Flea, and Kingston, NY)