A Modern Rustic Appeal

It was the white rustic flask and matching funnel, made by an artist in upstate New York, that caught our attention several years ago at a show. We promptly bought those pieces, took them home and put them to work on our bar. We didn’t think anything of it, other than pure enjoyment, since this was before we launched Red & Rugged.

Fast forward a few years, and we were paying closer attention to new and interesting ceramic pieces, as our business was underway. We took a picture of these cool, colorful whiskey cups, as we walked down an aisle, but forgot to get the card of the artist. After we arrived home, we realized the error of our ways. Our only hope was to reach out to the team at the American Craft Council (ACC) and see if they could connect us back. I sent them an email and included our picture of the whiskey cups, asking if they had any idea who the artist might be. Sure enough, they did, it was Jeremy Randall Ceramics. That’s when the light bulb went on and we realized it was the same artist who created our white flask from years before.

At this point, it was clear that Jeremy’s work had caught our attention over multiple years, and with a variety of creative ideas, so we knew we wanted to talk with him about working with us and our gift boxes. And that’s how it all began.

Today, Jeremy hails from Tully, New York, often traveling both domestically and abroad to teach and share his craft. When he’s not involved in national and international shows, or creating in his studio, Jeremy is an Adjunct Professor of Art at Syracuse University. His work is represented at the Red Lodge Clay Center in Montana, as well as in Boston and Philadelphia. The Robert and Jane Myerhoff Collection in Baltimore, Maryland is one of three locations where his work is included in permanent collections.  

Jeremy’s stylish whiskey tumblers have been a popular addition to our Collection. Enjoy them yourself, or as a special gift for clients and colleagues, in our Evening Sipper gift box.