From Archie Bray to Bulleitware

We find talented artists all over the country, however, this one we’re fortunate to have in our own backyard. Tom Bulleit is a ceramic artist we’ve known for many years. He's traveled and studied his trade in different parts of the country, including the Archie Bray Foundation in Montana. Tom credits Archie Bray for providing a great opportunity to work with talented artists and explore new ideas and techniques. It was this experience that ultimately led him back east, to an artist-in-residency at Millersville University.

Today, Tom Bulleit practices his craft just off the winding roads of Maryland’s beautiful horse country. He, and his talented wife, Susan, have been a big inspiration to us. They're a creative team with whom we’ve enjoyed a long history. The Bulleits got us hooked on the American Craft Council (ACC) show in Baltimore many years ago (Neither rain nor blizzards have stopped us from attending!) and introduced us to the excitement of the My Lady Manor horse races locally.

Tom's years in the industry and mastery of his trade, led us to two examples of his works, the textured ceramic flask and whiskey cup found in our Midnight Rambler gift box and wine goblets found in the Rendezvous gift box. When you raise a glass of Bulleitware for a toast, you'll know it was crafted with years of experience, and from Maryland’s own creative stock.